Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where 2.0: Jerry Paffendorf

tim at O'Relily Radar is at Where 2.0 and has this from Jerry Paffendorf of The Electric Sheep Company.

From the post:

"Jerry Paffendorf of The Electric Sheep Company is up on stage, talking about Second Life. He has a lovely formulation: people in Second Life are actually "living inside of a map." And because that map is of a world that is somewhat simpler than the real world, and has a more limited population, it's a great laboratory for figuring out problems and opportunities in location based services.

Jerry also talks about the fact that real world places have already been simulated in Second Life. There's a virtual copy of Hanover, New Hampshire, for example. He also demos a mashup of Second Life and Google Maps, where a gateway to a Second Life location appears as a pushpin on a Google Map.

Real and virtual are definitely on a collision course. I'm hoping that we can get more interoperability between the two, so that the streams of innovation merge like hydrazine and liquid oxygen, fueling a rocket to the future."

The Electric Sheep Company also runs SLBoutique, now with tags!

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