Thursday, August 17, 2006

Barry Diller Buying Spree

With the recent purchase of, IAC is still looking for more.

From The Red Herring:

"“You’re going to see us doing more along those lines,” Moshe Koyfman, vice president of IAC Programming said of the deal. “We believe that the opportunity has finally arrived for advertising-supported, branded online content."

Mr. Koyfman said IAC will look for "branded vertical content properties that will leverage the growth in online advertising.” Translation: sites that can grab ad dollars. The right content might help IAC turn all its traffic into ad dollars. IAC’s, for example, ranks just behind AOL in terms of users. “We’ve never forced synergy, but we’ve fostered it,” said Mr. Koyfman.

But Mr. Koyfman says that unlike those media companies, IAC wants to build a stable of small niche sites targeting diverse interests. “Certainly MySpace has done a tremendous job in attracting a phenomenal audience and is looking to do a lot of interesting things with that, but we want to make our mark more with brands that speak to coherent audiences,” he said."

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