Wednesday, August 23, 2006

TV's Greenhouse

Broadcasting & Cable has an article about another UGC star getting picked up by the majors and the overall climate for online video creators.

From the article:

"Andrew Mathas’ spoof—essentially stick figures he created with $100 editing software—drew nearly 1 million streams in just a few weeks on Google Video and other sites, and landed him a production deal with MTV’s broadband site Overdrive when the network’s short-form development chief hunted him down through e-mails.

At a time when broadband penetration has never been higher and advertisers are demanding content on digital platforms, TV networks are rapidly launching broadband channels, and they are desperate for fresh voices to fill them. At the same time, the price of powerful video-editing software has dropped to below $50, giving wannabe TV producers across America the tools to craft their stuff.

“As we start to develop more of these, it’s our hope and goal to get linear-TV plays out of our short-form content,” says Tim Healy, the MTV VP of production who discovered Mathas."

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