Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Youthography on Teen Drama

The newest Youthography newsletter features a post about teen dramas Laguna Beach and The Hill.

From the post:

"But what’s so cool about Laguna Beach and The Hills is the format of the show. It’s technically a reality TV show – these aren’t actors and the show apparently highlights the real lives of these kids – but it’s shot in such a way that it feels like a written TV drama. With multiple camera angles, close-ups, great editing, even better directing, and a cool soundtrack, Laguna Beach and The Hills don’t feel like anything on Prime Time TV right now."

Also in the news, Laguna Beach is launching a presence.

From 3pointD:

"A closed alpha of Virtual Laguna Beach has apparently just ended, and Michael Wilson, founder and CEO of Makena Technologies, the company behind There, posted an official announcement related to the project on the There forums, which was republished by The Voice of There an in-world newspaper."



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