Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What I have learned: The Movie

Esquire Magazine is hip. They get this whole internet video thing. That's why they did a project with the guy who made MySpace: The Movie.

What could go wrong?

Well, I guess first off you could force hide the controls on the quicktime video player.

Then you decide that site traffic is critical so you host the video yourself, with the help of Akamai.

Be sure and feature it on your front page! Get into the whole user generated content craze by asking readers "what have you learned!?!?"

So, you end up with people trying to watch a short video that keeps stopping. I tried for about 20min to get the video up with no luck. Game over, try again next time.

Esquire should have listened to Mark Cuban: "Hey, why pay for bandwidth for a video if you dont have to ? A blog, a myspace page, an email, any website. Just throw in some html in Youtube.com foots the bill for bandwidth. Sure you are limited by size of file, but so what. Just chop it up into parts 1 through N. Its fast, easy and free."

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