Thursday, September 14, 2006

TV Execs Talk Digital

The Hollywood Reporter has a long round table article with a number of big time TV executives.

PaidContent breaks it down:

"Gary Newman, co-president, 20th Century Fox TV, said digital enables studios, as well as networks, to have a direct relationship with audiences.

Angela Bromstad, president, NBC Universal TV, said eventually they will create original content for digital but for now it’s a great place for creators to experiment.

James Erlicht, Sony Pictures TV president, said it’s about marketing again, and that valuable 18-34 demographic. The midrange plan is to use digital to monetize existing assets and as an incubator for new talent and voices outside the Hollywood system.

BS Paramount Network TV president David Stapf said they have seen a lot of pitches for work on digital that aims to move to broadcast later, but the studio has yet to bite the bullet because it isn’t sure how to make it pay.

Touchstone TV’s Mark Pedowitz said ABC’s streaming experiment had found that 87 percent of viewers remembered ads in video streams."



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