Wednesday, September 13, 2006

NBBC: Makes Terry Scream

NBC launched a "Youtube" killer that's really not cause its a B2B play, but here are some details.

From the NBBC site:

"Service and flexibility are the key drivers of our business model.

  • nbbc is non-consumer facing.
We are a b2b service that only adds to -- never competes with -- your existing business strategy.
  • nbbc adapts to the size of your business.

There are no minimum or maximum levels of participation; use the marketplace as much or as little as you'd like.

  • nbbc is effortless.

We offer an end-to-end digital video solution that makes it easy to upload video and manage content dynamically.

  • nbbc gives you complete control.

Our content management system gives you total control over who can and can't have your content on an asset-by-asset basis.

  • nbbc lets you decide how you'd like to earn.

Choose a revenue share model to create revenue, risk-free and effortlessly, by taking advantage of our experienced, expert advertising sales team that generates billions in revenue. Or, choose a fee model that allows you to do the selling yourself. Either way, you're creating new streams of revenue while also getting your content to new audiences.

  • nbbc pays to you promote your business.

Every piece of content you put into the marketplace can be tagged with a promotional message that always accompanies your video. When your content plays on publishers' sites, it generates revenue for you, and drives awareness and traffic back to your core business."

NBC press release:

"In an unprecedented move, NBC Universal and its broadcast affiliates will launch an independent business-to-business marketplace designed to aggregate, monetize and distribute both NBC Universal and third party video to tens of millions of unique users worldwide. Launched with the participation of over two-dozen media partners, the nbbc (National Broadband Company) connects content owners, website owners and advertisers to create a robust viewing experience across the web.

"nbbc is unparalleled in today's media marketplace in terms of scale, quality, revenue opportunity and ease of use," said Jay Ireland, President of the NBC Universal Television Stations. "This is a radical departure from the traditional media mindset, because it liberates content and takes it outside of the walled garden. Our goal is to make our content, and that of our partners, available to as many people as possible and offer that audience to our valued advertisers."

"Connecting our content with users wherever they are on the web and doing so in a way that is financially compelling is core to NBCU's digital strategy," said Beth Comstock, President, Digital Media and Market Development. "nbbc is an important step forward as it embraces audience behaviors on the internet and creates exciting opportunities for us to align with key partners."


"Meanwhile, NBC sought to counter the threat from Google, Yahoo and other web portals in the emerging market for online video distribution. The TV network company launched a clearing house for digital video that will include its 230 local affiliates as well as more than two dozen partner sites.

"If we really want to compete with the big aggregators like Google and Yahoo, then you want your content out there on as many platforms as possible," said Randy Falco, president of the NBC Universal Television Group."

From PaidContent:

"NBBC, the broadband video marketplace JV between NBC Universal and its affiliates announced last April, opened for business today with NBCU content and more than two dozen content partners. Charter advertisers include Proctor & Gamble and JP Morgan Chase. (NBBC, which the company lowercases, stands for the National Broadband Company.)

It’s described as a “total solution for digital video syndication” and a way to connect content owners, site owners and advertisers. Content owners can earn syndication revenue and gain exposure. Site publishers can earn incremental ad revenue. Advertisers get a “premium” network."

Terry screams:

"This is smart in many ways. One, it gets the network into the aggregation business, which is the strength of 2.0 companies. It's simply more profitable to let other people provide the content. Two, it's built as B2B, avoiding the youTube competitive advantage. The site is a buffer between content creation and distribution, essentially an ad placement engine. Three, by adding a second "B" to its brand, the network is brilliantly extending the NBC brand without all of its baggage.

I will keep screaming this until broadcasters pay attention. Content aggregation at the local level is the way of escape for local media companies caught in the death spiral of the Media 2.0 disruption."

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