Monday, September 11, 2006

Xeni Interviews ForBiddeN

Xeni and danah boyd went to ForBiddeN's big party. Xeni gets an interview.

From the post:

"BB: Some have said that the internet -- and, specifically MySpace -- provided you with a new kind of independence and self-determination that models don't enjoy through more conventional routes to fame. Would you agree?

ForBiddeN: Well myspace definately empowers and enables people in expressing themselves, showing their personality, and greatly helps facillitates independance. Its a new fresh way of doing things, a great way to build up a fan base and following, a great place to network, meet photographers and business contacts. Just as bands have been able to build loyal followings and get record deals, you are seeing models land pictorals in Playboy and lad magazines as I have experienced. Myspace certainly has been a blessing for me and many other aspiring models and starlettes!"



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