Monday, September 11, 2006

CTIA: Josh Weinrobe, TBS

MocoNews talks with John Weinrobe before CTIA.

From the post:

"I had a pre-CTIA chat with Josh Weinrobe, business development manager at Turner Broadcasting Systems (A Time Warner company) about the broadcasters move into mobile. Well, mobile is part of the overall push into new media. “Mobile is now part of our competitive space,” said Josh. “It’s much more strategically important than two years ago.”

For Turner the important thing is that the content matches the brand. “We are packaging our content in such a way that it supports the brand…Everything we do has to be true to the brand in a very detailed way.” For this reason Turner keeps the production of simple content such as ringtones and wallpapers in-house, so they can control everything and protect the brand.

Turner Broadcasting is one of those companies that thinks the mobile market will take off in the next few years. “We’re in the market today for more experimental reasons, but in the next year it will be for strategic reasons,” said Josh, adding that he thinks mobile games will be “huge” in a year."

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