Monday, October 30, 2006

Greg Allman: Playing for the gods

Guy Kawasaki has a music post up that references a Greg Allman quote and then comments on how it is like pitching VCs. I think it applies to blogging as well so here it is.

From the post:

"In response to a question from Greg Kihn about performing early in one’s career, Gregg Allman said this:

“You play for the gods and people just happen to be there.”

This is a very good description of how you should feel when you are pitching: You pitch to the gods and people (venture capitalists) just happen to be there. Because when you pitch to the gods...
  • You cut the crap because the gods are omniscient.

  • You make it short because the gods are busy.

  • You practice because you’re not going to get a second chance.

  • You use a 30-point font in your slides because the gods are old and have bad eyesight."


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