Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Reputation Management: Avatar Guidelines

Business Communicators of Second Life have a good post up about how to maintain a corporate avatar within the proper usage of Second Life terms of conditions and general Second Life culture.

From the post:

"As a way to help businesses address branding and identity issues, Linden Lab will be selling the Second Life equivalent of domain names, allowing individuals and businesses to purchase a custom last name. People operating in-world may now carry their real world organization’s name over their head – literally.

What this means is if your real world brand is doing business in Second Life, you need avatar guidelines for your employee avatars. Creating guidelines helps you and your employee avatars to operate under your banner in comfort and with confidence.

It is extremely important that employees who will be operating in Second Life mingle, learn the SL culture, participate with and contribute to the community, and enjoy the unique activities and benefits of this virtual world. Encourage them to do so. And remind them that in a world without boundaries there is plenty of room for both a professional and a personal avatar."



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