Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nissan and Pontiac in Second Life

Car companies continue to invade Second Life.

Nissan by the Sheep: Giff

"This evening we launched NISSAN’s presence in Second Life, working closely with the folks at Tequila\. The project is tied to Nissan’s current 7 Days in a Sentra campaign you might have seen recently on TV (see website and blog). Nissan’s location has 4 sims:
  • The main sim represents several of the scenes from the commercials, and has a giant animated vendor, some fun remote-control mini-Sentras, video screens to watch some of the commercials, and a giant loop-de-loop which is ridiculous fun (and hard!).
  • A road course sim which will definitely make you work on your gear changing skills
  • An open driving sim with virtually no prims for low lag cruising
  • To minimize lag, we’ve separated the first sim from the other two with a giant bridge so that you can have a high draw distance and still run fast"
Pontiac by Millionsofus:

"Millions of Us is working with Pontiac to launch an event that celebrates car culture in Second Life. The collaboration with Pontiac enables residents who are interested in developing businesses or creating content around cars to form a community of interest.

Perhaps by uniting and empowering a critical mass of people, we can hope to open a conversation with Linden Lab about what it would take to improve the physics/technical specifications behind driving/creating cars in Second Life."

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