Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eric Rice on Crayons

Crayons announced itself yesterday on a variety of sites, saying it would be the first company in Second Life, or something like that.

In teh TechCrunch comments, Giff Constable (ESC) points out the reality of business in Second Life. In keeping with the Sheep's calm and kind persona, Gif says:

"First, Wells Fargo was one of the first companies to experiment with Second Life, but they were a little early and actually moved their project to the Activeworlds technology. More relevant are companies that have opened up SL presences over the last many months, such as Reuters, Sony BMG, Starwood Hotels, Sun Microsystems, C-Net, Wired, Adidas/Reebok, Text 100, Toyota, Nissan, American Apparel, Jeff Pulver’s team, IBM, the New Media Consortium and many more.

Second, not only are there many many entrepreneurial ventures that have been started selling virtual products within Second Life, there are also quite a few consulting and production companies that are already in existence focused around providing virtual world services.

I think Crayon has a great team, I welcome them to our growing universe, and I expect great things from them in future."

A little on the edgy side, Eric Rice chimes in today:

"You aren’t the first to do anything, homeboys. Far from it. Not first to launch, not first to this or first to that. Not the first to be virtual, etc. Yeah, SL is the media darling now, so the spin will work.

Speak plain language and be humble. You’ll do great, and have a great team which will make Crayon a success. And all the Crayons to come in the future."



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