Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wired's Second Life Gadget List

Ok, this is really cool. The tour guide was great but this is a run down of the coolest Second Life gadgets. I have seen or heard about some of these but now they are all described in one place.

Wired's must have gadgets:

"Second Life residents are spending $7 million a month on digital goods and services. If you're wondering what people do in a world with no levels, no score, no set challenges or quests, perhaps a clue may be found in some of the 15 terabytes of user-created content being bought and sold within the virtual world.

1. Translator HUD


Helping SL's image as a global communications device, avatar Yossarian Seattle, of the blog eightbar, has created a gadget (SLurl) that automatically translates in-world text chat in 10 languages, including French, German, Japanese and Arabic -- a great way to communicate with SL residents from all around the world."

eightbar is one of the IBM outposts in Second Life.

New World Notes

"It started off with me wanting to have a go at building a heads-up display for a bit of fun," he says to me via IM. "That coupled with the fact that I'm doing some real life work with translation at the moment brought about the idea." Relatively new to Second Life, Yossarian first did some digging to see if someone else had used SL's XML capabilities to create a translator, and not finding any*, he began creating one of his own.

"Given that the number of non-English speakers is increasing all the time [in SL], I figured it would be a handy tool to have," he continues. (Indeed, nearly 40% of Second Life residents are now from outside the US)"

There are 10 product reviews in total, another great peice by Wired on Second Life.

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