Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Versu Wraps up the Intel "Without Boundries" Project

Versu spent 72 hours in a SL/RL project and created several blocks of NYC.

From Millionsofus:

"With a little help from her friends, she built 2 blocks of New York, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Yellow Cabs, the list goes on and on. Now for some sleep. Thanks go out to everyone who watched, cheered, supported and otherwise made this the incredible experience it was — without you all it wouldn’t have been possible.

Special thanks to Netro our streaming video providers who held our backs when traffic exploded on Friday, to Philip and the amazing folks at Liquid Agency who produced and ran the event, to Rohit Bhargava of OgilvyOne PR who brought us into the mix, the folks at Datavision for hosting it and of course, to Intel."

Moo Money has a great machinima of the event:


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