Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sony BMG: Ben Folds Five

And in other SL news, Sony BMG, with The Electric Sheep Company, launched a Second Life presence today.

ESC: Giff

"SONY BMG’s presence on ESC’s Media island contains fan zones for 8 leading SONY BMG artists with video and audio content, and two gorgeous lounge and club presences which will host some exciting future events with big-name acts.

One of the really cool things here from my perspective is also that SONY BMG will actually be experimenting with selling music within Second Life directly to residents. It shows that they are innovating with their business model and delivers a cool service to the SL community.

One of the frustrations of SL is that you can’t take music with you normally — the audio stream is tied to the land. SONY BMG is going to sell some fantastic tracks that people can legally buy and carry around, so they can listen with their friends wherever and whenever."



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