Friday, October 20, 2006

Paul Kedrosky Reads the comScore Video Data

Paul has an interesting comment on the latest comScore online video stats.

From Paul:

"comScore's new release tonight containing Internet video data is fascinating stuff. Among other things, comScore says that the total U.S. streaming audience in August of this year was 110.3 million people (each of whom averaged 2 video streams a day).

To put the preceding figure in context, there are 65,500,000 U.S. basic cable subscribers, and 110,900,000 U.S. television households in total. The online streaming audience is currently as large as the number of Americans with televisions, and almost double the number of homes with cable. And unlike either television-related figure, the online video market is growing nicely: It was up 4% from the July figure."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel - Hi. Whoa...
A couple of prespective clarifications:
1. Comscore says web video streams are consumed by 110 million people. TV goes to 110 million *homes* but almost 300 million people.
2. The average American watched four hours of TV per day (sad but true). That comes out to about 30 TRILLION hours of TV watching by Americans each year. Web video consumption is at a run rate of about 30 billion minutes of consumption per year by Americans.

That's good news I think. My guess: 3 trillion minutes of web video consumption by Americans in 2008.

Sean Doherty

December 05, 2006  

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