Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sibley Verbeck Interview

I missed this but there is a great interview of Sibley Verbeck in the Electric Sheep Company.

In the Grid: Part One

"I say that we are building interactive, 3D virtual experiences for real-world companies. Some companies are already used to thinking about the Web 2.0, MySpace, user-generated video on the web, or even videogames, and so it's not so difficult for them to understand that this is a next platform. Other companies are not so active in new types of media, so it's a huge leap."

In the Grid: Part Two

"In Second Life more than any other medium ever invented, creativity has the majority of the value of a product -- so let all creative things exist, and let the most creative be the most popular! [Or] at least to the extent that creativity ties in with what most people desire, which is itself debatable, but you see my point. There is an unlimited amount of land here for communities of different types.

Some corporations don't want to be in SL because they're worried about all the non-PG-13 content, for example. Others come in with ideas [that are] the equivalent of selling Honda Civics in SL. But, A, they can't get rid of anything in SL, so they can just choose to participate or not. And, B, no one wants a Honda Civic as their ultimate fantasy car -- unless it's really souped up in an SL way. So, there you go. Again, yeah, corporations are always worried about what will get associated with their brand, and we're sensitive to that and very honest about it. But there's plenty of room in SL for button-down people and organizations, as well as every other kind."

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