Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Howard Rheingold: New Media Consortium

Howard Rheingold gave a keynote address for the NMC, Impact of Digital Media Symposium.

From NMC Observer:

"Today at 11:00 AM was the headline event (well, actually, they all were!), but haivng Howard Rheingold in world for a keynote is definitely a high water mark for our Impact of Digital Media Symposium… 12 days of presentations, art, music, discussion, and interaction. We will have some stats to share soon, but our sensors recorded more than 1000 unique avatars came to NMC Campus during the Symposium.

Some of the web resources mentioned in the session include:

Rheingold’s presentation on The Pedagogy of Civic Participation filled our 60 avatar limit quickly. We apologize to anyone left outside, we needed to optimize and not crash the sim, though we were able to provide the live stream URL for people to listen via iTunes or Media Player."


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