Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Creating the Multiverse

Patrick Cox has a great article up talking about how Netscape created the conditions for the modern web and how the next big thing is 3D worlds. I wrote my masters thesis on Virtual Reality in 1990 and created one of the first VRML interfaces for a large company. I have been hearing that 3D is the next big thing for 20 years. Only now, it may be true.

From the article:

"We are, nevertheless, on the cusp of the Next Big Thing and those who are ready for the transition to 3D virtual worlds will be far ahead of the game. Those who are actually acquainted with VW will be in a position to help determine the direction of the many critical policy debates that will be engendered as the online VW experience becomes increasingly indistinguishable from the RW."

Patrick is talking about the Multiverse, an open source world building tool. It has many big time backers: "Bill Turpin: His team includes Netscape veterans known throughout Silicon Valley, if not the world at large: Rafhael Cedeno and Robin McCollum, who built critical Netscape server technology still in use today, and co-creators of RSS; Jeff Weinstein, who coded the world-changing SSL; and Corey Bridges, Navigator product manager who then went on to launch companies like Netflix and Zone Labs. On the entertainment side, ex-physics major and film director/producer James Cameron, of Terminator and Titanic fame, has thrown his lot in with Multiverse, joining its board of advisors."

The Multiverse Road Map project is in full swing and holding meetings around the country. The Electric Sheep Company is a big supporter and, if you are in DC, you can hear them speak November 8th.


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