Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CDC in Second Life: Interview with John Anderton

I didn't see this until now but Spare Changes has a great post up about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launching in Second Life.

From the post:

"How widespread within the CDC is knowledge and interest in internet-based applications like Second Life and other social media?

CDC is always looking into better ways to understand its audiences and the public, and to communicate its messages in timely, credible, and relevant ways.

How did you personally become involved as a CDC representative within Second Life?

I created an avatar with purpose; Hygeia was the Greek muse of health, and the last name of Philo means 'lover of,' thus a CDC av with the metaphoric moniker of Hygeia Philo (lover of health) seemed perfectly appropriate. I have been working in SL on a daily basis, part time, for almost 8 months now. As far as others at CDC - the National Center for Environmental Health is exploring how to educate about toxic waste in SL, and the Strategic National Stockpile is exploring training issues in SL.

What has been the response of SL residents to the CDC’s outreach in-world?

Almost without exception, I have been warmly greeted by old and new SL residents. People are kind of amazed that CDC would treat it seriously, and that we are not there for profit. I hope that CDC can continue to grow and evolve in the SL space, as it grows and changes itself. With such rapid development, it forces us to stay on our toes!"



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