Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lonelygirl15 and Product Placement

Lonelygirl15 is not content with the revenue from Revver alone. Now the creators are gunning for product placements.

From ClickZ:

"Bree is a fictional character, but she lives in the real world," Greg Goodfried, one of the creators of scripted video blog Lonelygirl15, told ClickZ. "She interacts with products on a daily basis. She has to use a cell phone. She has to drive a car."

Going forward, ad products will be more creative. Sponsors will be attached to specific sections of the site, such as the video responses or the forum. A sponsored video contest might take the theme "Proving Science Wrong," a takeoff on Bree's tongue-in-cheek video entries of the same name. "We'd let people upload their own 'proving science wrong' videos. Have it sponsored by, say, HP and [the winning] fan gets a new laptop," said Goodfried."



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