Friday, November 17, 2006

Next Stop: Two Million

Tateru Nino has a post on New World Notes about the approaching 2 million residence number for Second Life.

From the post:

"So, how about two million signups, this year?

Well, yes. In 45 days at the time I write this on the 14th, we'll real 2 million accounts close to New Year's Eve, GMT. The numbers are self-evident-– assuming they remain steady-– and the arithmetic was what they taught me when I was eight. A subtraction, an average, and a division. 45 days.

We crossed the million line about 28 days or so ago. That means a million in 73 days. I can't even have a baby in 73 days. As always, assuming the figures remain steady. Last time they didn't. The signup rate increased, bringing our millionth signup in at least a month ahead of the initially predicted date."



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