Thursday, November 16, 2006

Steven Bochco and Metacafe

What is it with Metacafe? They have been all over the place lately. (Well at least all over digg.) Today Variety reports that Metacafe has signed a deal with big time producer Steven Bochco.

From the article:

"Producer has entered into a strategic alliance with Metacafe, a YouTube-like video-sharing site that tries to cut through the user-generated clutter by paying producers based on the popularity of their content. Under the deal, Bochco will create a variety of content for Metacafe, including a Bochco-branded online channel.

Bochco said the key to success on the Net will be creating content that takes into account the unique nature of the medium.

In the past, "People were trying to fit a square peg into a round hole," he said. "They were trying to impose our old entertainment model on their new platform. You're looking at a vastly different medium."

"I would hope that if what we're attempting to do captures an audience with any enthusiasm, that'll give us the opportunity to use the channel to expand what we do," Bochco said. "I have all kinds of ideas I'd like to implement, some of which are different ways of doing fiction, others of which aren't. It's a fun medium to try to figure out."

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