Wednesday, January 10, 2007

CBS and Second Life

From PaidContent:

"Philip Rosedale, CEO of Second Life, came on stage to debut an SL version of “Star Trek” via a machinima (machine animation) developed by Electric Sheep to show what users will be able to do in the virtual Star Trek they are creating for CBS."


"Nice for the Sheep and Linden Lab to be involved in such a partnership — and to be mentioned in the company of a site that was bought for $1.65 billion. This is also part of the growing trend of media convergence with virtual worlds that I’ve been so interested in lately. And Moonves says there’s more to come.

“Anything is possible,” Moonves said. “Audiences know that, content people know that, and innovators in the digital space know that. In the weeks and months to come, we’ll have a lot more news on how we’ll be working with the interactive community in ways both big and small.”

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