Monday, January 08, 2007

Online Video Predictions 2007

Will Video for Food has a unique perspective on online video. He makes some '07 predictions.

  1. Online video and television collide then converge.
  2. Consolidation of online video sites will increase exponentially.
  3. Viral video creators will “cross over” to television.
  4. Many television shows will develop online manifestations.
  5. Consortiums will form for economies of scale.
  6. Select amateur video creators will begin to make a full-time living without “crossing over” to television.
  7. A major news story will break via live (or close to live) footage by “citizen journalists” holding cameras.
  8. Marketers will get smarter about how they gain consumer mindshare through online video.
  9. Real vs. fake will be a major 2007 theme.
  10. The “big boy” sites are going to start sharing advertising revenue with select creators.

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