Friday, January 05, 2007

Meta thinkd2c

Looking back over '06 stats. For the year thinkd2c received 16,700 page views. I didn't bother checking my Adsense account but I am sure '06 yielded 10's of dollars from Adwords.

Almost half of all traffic came from Google. The most popular content items were "lonelygirl15" and "silvercasting." 110 different countries accessed the blog at least once, but the biggest hits came from the US, UK and Canada.

The most disappointing event of the year happened late. One day of feverish blogging, I saw something odd on Rik Riel's blog and logged it so I could check it out later. It was a hoax post and it was pretty funny. The "breathless" editors at Second Life Herald got all worked up about it and I thought - here we go, time to get some major traffic! But no major traffic ensued.

I think '07 is already shaping up to be a big year for things we like at thinkd2c. I hope you stop by often for a survey of interesting d2c tidbits.

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