Friday, December 15, 2006

The holy trinity of web 2.0

Another great article, this time by Adario Strange - that's not even a Second Life name;) Adario looks at a number of 06 developments from the neutrality debate to big media's reaction to social media.

But this is the best part:

"Currently, the rock stars of this new version of the Internet could almost be called The Holy Trinity of Web 2.0, with Jimmy Wales as The Father (Wikipedia), Digg’s Kevin Rose as The Son (as he has been largely responsible for the mainstreaming of social news and Web 2.0 ethics) and, of course, Craig Newmark of Craigslist, as the barebones spirit permeating the entire space and defining, on a very elementary level, the central idea behind digital destinations fueled solely by visitors.

But not everyone is buying into the pie-in-the-digital-sky. Referring to Wikipedia’s new Web dynamic as “digital Maoism,” virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier wrote, “The hive mind should be thought of as a tool. Empowering the collective does not empower individuals—just the reverse is true. There can be useful feedback loops set up between individuals and the hive mind, but the hive mind is too chaotic to be fed back into itself.”

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