Wednesday, December 13, 2006

GSD&M's Joel Greenberg: Metrics in Second Life

Giff has posted an email from Joel of GSD&M talking about metrics in Second Life. Go read the whole thing, really.


"The most interesting email out of the thread came from Joel Greenberg of GSD&M, who was a driving force behind their Idea City presence in Second Life."


"From a larger strategic view, people’s perceptions of Reuters as the place to turn for leading edge tech information may be the most important metric, but one that can’t be measured from the typical ROI of usage numbers.

It’s my opinion that it’s more important for brands to go in-world and begin experimenting than to nail down all metrics and ROI before they do. Because the medium is still young, the value of experiments is extremely high (especially with the PR value experiments can bring even if you fail), but the costs are fairly low.

Metrics are important, but using the imagination to expand your thinking about what you should be measuring is the most important."

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