Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Grid Review Launches!

The Grid Review launched today, or last night, or sometime before I saw all of the posts about it.

From ESC: Giff

"The Grid Review's goal is to deliver the best Second Life news machinima, from the serious to the irreverant. We welcome user submissions from all Second Life residents. Whether you’re a Second Life Peter Jennings or Jon Stewart, we want to see you in action. Please see the submission guidelines for more information on submitting your machinima clips."

Here is one of the anchors, Moo Money:

Business Communicators of Second Life:

"Grid Review seeks to present Second Life news in machinima format with submissions from residents. It kicks off with such initial news categories as Building/Architecture, Business & Economy, Editorial/Opinion, Entertainment, Fashion, Policy & Governance, Social Trends, and Tips & How-to's.

Grid Review is accessible on the web, but is not [yet] available in-world on the Edelman sim. You are invited to submit your machinima and 3pointD hints that there may be some tools or features in the works to facilitate machinima production."


" I believe there may be some facility in the works to help you produce those pieces, though I’m not entirely sure."

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