Monday, December 11, 2006

ABN AMRO in Second Life


"Ranked as the 20th largest bank in the world, ABN AMRO invested in 25 sims and is now one of SL's largest landowners. ABN AMRO will offer islands for young professionals, mortgage advice, product advice and seminars.

For now, the bank is not planning on bringing banking activity to SL. ABN isn't going to partake in SL transactions, loans for SL purchases or mortgages for SL real estate. The bank did not fully address the question as to how it intends to generate traffic in its regions. The added value of an SL office as opposed to a RL visit to the bank was not illustrated well either. If one of the greatest aspects of SL success is offering something more to the residents, it has yet to be seen how much continued interest there will be in ABN AMRO's presence."

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