Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cisco in Second Life: Update

As seen on Second Life Insider, Cisco launched its presence in Second Life.

Click here to see the Cisco machinima overview:

From the press release:

"In conjunction with today's announcement, Cisco is excited to begin its journey in Second Life, a 3D interactive social networking metaverse, with the opening of our Cisco campus (in Second Life look for "Cisco Systems"). The Second Life community represents a new opportunity for businesses to interact with the public in a creative and fun virtual environment."

From the Cisco blog:

"Today we open two campuses: The first is for the SL community to come and learn about our products and services, as well as offer us suggestions on how we can become a bigger (and better) part of Second Life. The campus also has an amphitheater for events, and an area for the soon-to-be-built Cisco Field .

The second island is for our community, our customers and employees to interact closely with each other and Cisco technical and executive staff. Part of Cisco’s focus this year is the Carbon initiative: to save the environment by cutting down on travel. This new virtual campus is part of that philosophy, offering training and education in Second Life to our partners, as well as executive briefings and technical support.

We are also expanding our Cisco Network Academy program into the metaverse by offering extension classes to NetAcad instructors and students. It is our goal to bridge the Real Life with the Second Life, and offer support and services in both"

From the comments!

Nobody Fugazi was at the event - here are some of his highlights.

Text excerpted from event notecard:

"Today, we’re proud to announce our launch here on Second Life. The Empowered Branch is a key part a Cisco Campaign called Business Unlimited.

The cornerstone of the Empowered branch is the Integrated Services Router or ISR for short. The adoption of the ISR has been growing very quickly just like the population of Second Life. Also, like Second life, our Business Unlimited campaign is about helping our customers and partners unleash their potential – the same way second life citizens can realize their dreams."

Insider humor:

"There was a lot of strong wording related to SecondLife and community. One of the more amusing questions asked was, "is the SL city council easier to deal with than the Fremont one?" - to which the response was 'no comment'. That sounds about right."

Final thoughts:

"Unlike a lot of other sims, Cisco's presence loaded quickly and seemed focused on getting people in groups. They get points for that. And not launching a big press release campaign also gets points - the people who did show up were interested in Cisco (I am, I used to teach Microcomputer networking and Cisco's a big part of that).

There's plenty of video around, and information is there - literally - for the asking.

Will it last? I think so. And I'm very interested in the training aspect of this, as I expect many other people may be. Time will tell the realistic approach of Cisco in becoming a part of the greater SecondLife community sound good, but will it happen? Those interested in Cisco should find out at Cisco Systems (132,132,34)"

For more pictures from Nobody Fugazi check here!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I caught the event as well:


It seems like a pretty solid way for Cisco to move forward with SecondLife. I'm especially interested in the Education aspects.

December 05, 2006  
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