Monday, December 11, 2006

Second Life Bonds

Investment company Tristar Financial is going to offer bonds in Second Life.


"Kavai Onizuka, Chairman of Kavai Conglomerate Group, said that the timing is right to offer a more advanced way for people to invest in SL's bigger projects. "We feel that right now is a strategic time for SL's economic markets to mature to a more refined level– to support the development of more complicated financial offers such as stocks, banking, and lending," he said.

Although several other banks have established themselves in SL with daily dividends, Tristar is hoping to pioneer the bond market. It will be the first of the banking institutes to claim that 100 percent of the investments will remain in SL. "Our business philosophy encourages us to look at opportunities for the long-term through actual development in the local economy," Onizuka said. Bonds carry a greater time commitment than the bank deposits that allow for withdrawal at anytime. He said that the longer time commitment would allow his company to better commit to SL projects."

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