Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Agency for Virtual Nomenclature and Addressing (corrected)(with feeling!)

Rik Riel points out that ICANN has announced it will seek to control, or will control, virtual address locations.

From the post:

"In a surprise announcement at the ICANN Board Meeting in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Vint Cerf, chair of the ICANN Board, declared that the US-based agency responsible for the web's domain system was now taking charge of assigned names and locations in the virtual world. Mr. Cerf is expected to be holding a virtual press briefing on this at the new Second Life Headquarters of ICANN shortly (direct teleport SLURL.)

From Vint Cerf: (corrected!)

"So, as of today, December 12, 2006, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will be forming an ancillary body entitled the Agency for Virtual Nomenclature and Addressing (AVNA.) AVNA's authority will supercede the naming authority of such private companies as Linden Labs and Blizzard and will be the first contact point for virtual world residents, MMORPG players, and other denizens of the evolving metaverse seeking to procure the use of particular names and virtual locations.

Our first order of business will be the levying of regular fees for all virtual land, object and avatar names. For your convenience, these fees will be payable in Linden dollars, There bucks, Everquest gold or any of the other standard virtual currencies. Then we will begin adjudicating intellectual property disputes for companies that feel that their trademarked names and images have been illegally appropriated by virtual world residents. Finally, we will engage in a lengthier and much more complicated process of creating multi-verse name and identity tracking so that whether you are on gmail, Everquest or myspace, you are always known by the same identifier. This, we have been assured by government authorities, is the basis for a secure and stable multi-verse environment."

I am not quite sure I understand this but nice T-shirt Rik!

(Updated) Holy Mackerel! Did I really spell the godfather of the internet's name wrong and he came here and left a really funny comment? Could it really be!?! I loves the internets.

(with feeling) Welcome Second Life Herald readers!

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Blogger Unknown said...

this was obviously announced by my evil twin, Vent, over whom I have little control.

Vint Cerf

December 14, 2006  
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