Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mobile Game Outlook

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From the press release:

"According to a new report from DFC Intelligence, worldwide revenue from the portable game systems from Nintendo and Sony is expected to exceed $10 billion in 2007. The market is being led by the Nintendo DS, the hottest selling system of 2006. The DS has the potential to be the best-selling interactive entertainment platform ever, says David Cole, an analyst with DFC Intelligence.

DFC Intelligence also expects the Sony PSP to establish a solid position in the marketplace. However, a great deal will depend on the focus Sony Computer Entertainment decides to put on promoting the PSP platform over the next few years. The report contains two forecasting scenarios for not only the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, but also the possible future entrance of new portable systems by 2009. According to Cole, Under the right scenario, by 2011 the combined installed base of the DS and PSP could exceed that for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.



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