Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Virtual World Highlights

James at GigaGames has some highlights from the Virtual World Conference last week.

From the post:

"It’s 1995 all over again. The conference attracted a capacity crowd of business executives, but judging by a scabrous report from longtime metaverse gadfly Peter Ludlow, a lot of them showed up out of sheer panic that their company was in danger of being left behind by what’s supposed to be The Next Big Thing in Web 2.0.

“You can feel the poplin-filtered sweat of middle-aged anxiety. You know, that anxiety you feel when you get the vague sense that the kidz are passing you by – that you won’t catch this wave and you’ll be left bobbing offshore…” Reminds me of what happened after Netscape’s IPO."

From Urizenus Sklar:

"I run into Jerry again, who has already figured out that the future is not taking place in the auditorium but in the back room deal cutting and gossip sessions. He clues me in to the coffee room. This saves my life. I can be here and not actually go to any talks.

I grab a seat next to Clickable Culture’s Tony Walsh. He is busy blogging for the 10 Canadians that read his blog. Given the gravity of that responsibility he has no time to talk to me.

But then I notice that Millions of Us Dear Leader Reuben (ex-Linden) Steiger is sitting next to me staring vacantly at the video feed of the conference.

Reuben: “Much more of this and I’m going to slit my throat.”

Uri: “Can I help?"



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