Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Google mobile review

ArsTechnica reviews the new Google mobile applications.

From the post:

"Based on an initial look at the app, the improvements are very welcome. I'm an avid mobile Googler (I get lost easily, so sue me) and have experienced many of the frustrations mentioned above: too many clicks, too many irrelevant results, and not enough immediately-available information.

The new version remembers my general location and last several locations (although if I go to a new zip code, I must enter it again). Searching for a particular bar in my area gives me several web results as well as the full name, address, and phone number of the bar I am looking for, all on the same search page.

One click on the "More Local & Map" link brings me to a listing for that bar, and presents me with a link to get driving directions with most of the address info already filled in. Very convenient."

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