Monday, March 26, 2007

Coldwell Banker in Second Life

Coldwell Banker has entered Second Life to provide in-world residence a trusted name for buying and selling houses.

From CNN Money:

"Coldwell Banker has bought extensive tracts of property on the central "mainland" of Second Life. (Most companies own "islands" scattered all over.) It subdivided this digital land into 520 individual houses and living units, half of which it will sell and half it will rent.

"In the end this is about buying and selling homes in the real world," says Charlie Young, the company's senior vice president for marketing. "We're trying to figure out how to reach what we call the 'new consumer'." Executives insist that any profits will be reinvested in Second Life real estate.

Unlike almost every other big company, Coldwell's offices in the virtual world will be staffed with real people (in the form of avatars of course). They will not only sell virtual real estate, but also answer questions about real world transactions."

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