Monday, March 26, 2007

Local TV audiance

Terry Heaton discusses a recent streaming video experiment by WKRN in Nashville. They got 11,000 concurrent viewers during a recent storm. In that market that equals more than a full rating point. Were all of those viewers regular WKRN viewers?

From the post:

"Ask yourself this question. Who am I talking to when I “drive traffic,” and are they the people I really want to serve online? If pushing our own viewers online is our mission and serving THEIR needs is what we’re after, then by all means, let’s push them to our branded web effort.

If, however, our online mission as a multi-media communications company is to expand our reach beyond that which our on-air brand can find, then we need to consider building new brands and playing by the rules of the web. This is how we “find” people who don’t watch TV anymore and aren’t loyal to any over-the-air brand."



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