Thursday, March 22, 2007

Joost in talks with Disney?

After the Viacom deal, this would be a huge win for Joost.

From NewTeeVee:

"A Disney exec speaking at a conference today spilled the beans that his company is impressed with Joost. Kevin Mayer, Disney’s EVP of corporate strategy, business development, and technology group, said in general he was skeptical about bringing the TV experience to the PC, but specifically he was interested in the promise of Joost, reports Digital Media Wire."

From Digital Media Wire:

"Though Mayer did acknowledge the importance of internet video outlets, he said, “Will forcing the TV experience to the PC resonate with our customers? That remains to be seen.” He did say, however, that the company is analyzing a potential relationship with internet TV provider Joost, which recently came to terms with Viacom on a content deal as well. He cited Joost’s “high quality format” and “excellent management team” as two reasons Disney might be interested in a deal."

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