Friday, March 23, 2007

Why Apple TV is a game changer

Sure there are a ton of posts about the Apple TV but here is a good one on why its going to make an impact.

From NewTeeVee:

"Technically, the Apple TV may be simple, but its effect on the TV industry will be anything but. Why? Because TV business models that have thrived for the past thirty to fifty years that relied on:
  • Advertising-supported TV.
  • Prime-time programming.
  • Bundled content.
Apple TV is about to attack the fundamental assumptions underpinning the TV business just as the iPod cut the legs out from under CDs and radio stations. How? Because with Apple TV combining the flexibility of the Internet with a living-room, big-screen experience, consumers now will:
  • Vote for programming with consumer dollars.
  • Watch what they want, when and where they want it.
  • Enjoy TV programming a la carte."
The interesting thing about this to me is that those fundamental changes are certainly valid for the Apple TV product but also describe the ground shifting change that other companies are bringing to the world of TV. Think Joost, Clown Co and Youtube.

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