Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Clown Co.: DOA

Changes is Good thinks the new effort by everyone not Google is going to fail.

From the post:

"The three main reasons its sure to flop are:

1) Control. The networks are creating the site in the hopes of controlling how their content gets used, shared and distributed online. I’d guess that in a dank colorless conference room, a bunch of middle management MBA’s convinced a non-MBA executive that this was a good idea by boring her into submission using PowerPoint.

2) Content. Millions of people are uploading tons of content that stretches across the interest spectrum to GooTube. Of course they dont have a snowflakes chance in hell of generating the kind of serendipitous discovery, niche connection and mass appeal that GooTube can facilitate.

3) Cooks! Name one loosely knit media association, that doesnt involve ownership stakes or JV rules, that has been successful. These arent natural partners with complementary strength and weaknesses pairs. Its a an association Google hater getting together to drink their own haterade."

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