Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Coke's loyalty program: Online and Mobile?

MobHappy thinks about how it may work:

"So how would it work?
  1. Purchasers collect the currency, which would be some form of unique alphanumeric code. I think this would be possible in production terms and is probably how the online side of things would have to work anyway.
  2. Purchasers sms the code to a central server. Alternatives are a WAP interface and online. Do they need a postal option these days? Probably as much as they need to provide a telex entry point.
  3. They can see their balance via the wapsite or via an sms query to the server. Or, of course online, when they can get onto the family computer, as Dad is playing Solitaire, sis is playing Sims (deliciously retro) and older bro is WOWing like it’s going out of fashion - which it isn’t, of course.
  4. Maybe, this could also be enhanced via a Java magazine, where people can see their points balance and browse through some recommended purchases from the partners. Don’t forget to allow a lot of time and funds for porting the application across handsets though."



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