Monday, July 16, 2007

Mike Cassidy loves Clown Co.

In a breathless review of, well, of not much of anything, Video Insider's Mike Cassidy predicts great success for Clown Co.

From Insider Video:

"It appears as though the company is starting out right by selecting a digital executive to lead it. Jason Kilar has a good reputation and appears to be a wise selection. The management behind this venture knows they need fresh and creative thinking, and that starts with leadership that comes from the online world.

When the joint venture was first announced I commented that this was exactly what the industry needed to jumpstart the online video marketplace.

My advice to the soon-to-be named venture is to learn from the past but focus on the future. Leverage your media parents’ assets and capabilities, but be nimble, dynamic and act like an Internet start-up that has just received its first few million in financing. Be aggressive and outspoken and come to market with lots of new and unique video sponsorships ideas, especially for all those pre-roll naysayers. If you do, I think this company can be the most significant player in online video in 2008 and beyond."

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