Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Amp'd with CBS and UPN

Amp'd annouced today that it will partner with CBS and UPN to provide video content for its cell phone service. The best pull quote comes via MocoNews:
"Amp'd is an exciting new entertainment destination in the mobile
and a great place to showcase our content to the younger
audiences and early
adopters they are targeting," said Cyriac
Roeding, Vice President, Wireless,
CBS Digital Media. "Through
a variety of multimedia options that they offer,
Amp'd has created
a very personal experience to link the consumer -- our
audience --
to our shows. The cell phone is the most personal medium; we see

great opportunities here to create personal connections that deepen
viewers relationship to the program, or to creatively expose
new viewers to
CBS and UPN content."

Amp'd is still saying that they are going to launch in 05 but we will see.



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