Monday, December 12, 2005

More Digital Graffiti points to the new service offered by Loca Moda called Wifiti. From the Loca Moda website:

"Wiffiti allows users to send text messages from their mobile phones to large flat TV displays in locations where people socialize such as cafes, bars and clubs and on the web. Its purpose is to extend and empower public expression and creativity in a socially responsible way, fostering an open and strong sense of citizenship and community.


For end-users, Wiffiti enables you to:
  • Be a part of a local community, where you can be heard – on the street and on the web
  • Use your mobile phone to interact in a new channel for expression, ideas, thoughts, flirting, fun and politics

For our partners, Wiffiti provides:

  • An alternative channel to communicate and engage with a mobile/web audience
  • A platform to foster and aggregate communities and relationships that are potentially more meaningful and sustainable
  • An environment that supports, builds and sustains interaction between you and your audience
  • Targeted and/or broad opportunities for you to extend your reach to new locations
  • A measurable closed-loop platform that improves the effectiveness of your marketing and communication strategies
  • Ability to dynamically update and target offerings
  • Scalable, robust and secure location-based interactive marketing"

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