Monday, January 23, 2006

Taste Fabrics of Social Networks

Smart Mobs points to "Unraveling the Taste Fabric of Social Networks," (PDF) authored by Hugo Liu, Pattie Maes, Glorianna Davenport (no relation!) of MIT.

From the abstract:

"Popular online social networks such as Friendster and MySpace do more than simply reveal the superficial structure of social connectedness—the rich meanings bottled within social network profiles themselves imply deeper patterns of culture and taste.

If these latent semantic fabrics of taste could be harvested formally, the resultant resource would afford completely novel ways for representing and reasoning about web users and people in general.

This paper narrates the theory and technique of such a feat—the natural language text of 100,000 social network profiles were captured, mapped into a diverse ontology of music, books, films, foods, etc., and machine learning was applied to infer a semantic fabric of taste."

From Hugo's homepage:

"only as an æsthetic phenomenon
is existence and the world justified"

- nietzsche

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