Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mobile Ad Service: Admob

Russell Beattie posts an email from Omar of Fotochatter. Omar just launched Admob.

Admob is “the first pay-per-click mobile advertising marketplace.”

From Omar's email:

"AdMob is all about the open mobile web; I believe that pay-per-click advertising will serve to democratize the market, and allow anyone with a great mobile product or service to reach consumers without having to negotiate a carrier deal. There are a number of mobile specific features built into AdMob, such as device and platform specific targeting (need to target symbian devices in Europe? no problem), as well as easy to build mobile pages complete with click-to-call links for advertisers who don’t have mobile sites. Things have been going great, and since our soft launch we’ve served over a million ads, and have brought in excited advertisers such as Orb Networks."

What it does:

Selling ads on your mobile site
• Monetize your existing traffic.
• Offer powerful tools to your advertisers.
• Provide additional services to your users.
• Reach quality advertisers.

Buying mobile advertisements
• Reach consumers right on their phone or
other mobile device.
• Target ads by region, manufacturer, platform,
and device capability.
• Personalize ads using device model number.
• Easily build a quick mobile 'MobPage' to reach
customers even if you don't have a mobile site.
• Pay only for the click throughs on your ad.



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