Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Google buys dMarc Broadcasting

Via Techdirt, Google buys dMarc Broadcasting for close to a billion dollars.

From the press release:

"dMarc connects advertisers directly to radio stations through its automated advertising platform. The platform simplifies the sales process, scheduling, delivery and reporting of radio advertising, enabling advertisers to more efficiently purchase and track their campaigns. For broadcasters, dMarc's technology automatically schedules and places advertising, helping to increase revenue and decrease the costs associated with processing advertisements.

In the future, Google plans to integrate dMarc technology into the Google AdWords platform, creating a new radio ad distribution channel for Google advertisers. "

From Mark Ratcliffe:

"At $102 million, the least Google will eventually pay, dMarc appears to be a steal. As the company meets undisclosed ad revenue targets over the next three years, its shareholders will receive up to $1.1 billion more. Google only pays if dMarc's business develops as promised, so it's not a risky investment at all; at full price, however, the deal's not cheap because the radio advertising market is shrinking and there is mounting evidence that people will pay for audio content without advertising."



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