Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sprint U.S. Consumer Wireless Usage Study

Sprint released its Consumer Wireless Usage Study (PDF.)

From the press release:

"The list of features and data applications available on mobile phones continues to grow to meet the needs of consumers on the go," said Jeff Hallock, vice president of product marketing and strategy for Sprint. "Whether it's using location-based services to get driving directions, listening to streaming music or watching live TV, consumers are finding that the mobile phone is the one item they depend on most to stay connected and entertained."

"With the launch of the high-speed Sprint Power Vision Network, and the availability of robust, easy-to-use applications such as the Sprint Music Store, Sprint TV and Sprint Picture Mail, we expect the adoption rates of these and other entertainment-focused applications to grow and help customers truly realize the power of the "third screen" in their everyday lives," said Hallock.

Do you use your cell phone as a Flashlight? I do.

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